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VarliWare is the next evolution of the Varli brand in facilitating the expansion of Indian cuisine in the U.S.  As an original designer and distributor of quality restaurant equipment and appliances, we strive to be the one-stop shop for all your kitchen needs.

Our product line includes innovative forms of clay ovens, dosa grills, tawas, burner plates, copperware, rolling pins, sauce pans, cutlery, plates, and much more.  Leveraging years of experience at the forefront of the Indian culinary world, each product has been specially designed for the specific needs of restaurants.

VarliWare maintains the high standards of creativity, quality, and value that restaurants associate with the Varli brand.  We will continue to build relationships by providing smart solutions to address the needs of our customers.

VarliWare Domestic coming soon!

Recognizing that restaurants aren’t the only cooks in town, we will also be launching VarliWare Domestic, a retail line of kitchenware tailored to the everyday chef at home.  This product line will make it easy to bring that delicious taste of India into your family’s living room